Clinic Volunteers Featured in April Issue of Lancaster County Magazine

Clinic for Special Children volunteers, Carlyn Darby and John Thackrah, were featured in the April issue of Lancaster County Magazine. They explained “Why I Love to Volunteer” and the various ways that they support the mission of the Clinic. We are so thankful to everything they do to support us!


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Researchers identify novel mass spectrometric quantification method of plasma GSL’s in GM3 ganglioside deficiency

STRASBURG, PA- Researchers from the Clinic for Special Children and University of Georgia have identified a novel mass spectrometric quantification method of plasma glycosphingolipids in human GM3 ganglioside deficiency. Human genetic disorders affecting early steps in glycosphingolipid (GSL) biosynthesis promulgate devastating neurological consequences. The research is published in the recent edition of Clinical Mass Spectrometry.



Jesse Crain’s (Retired MLB White Sox player) family foundation hosts CSC fundraiser

Each year the Crain Family Foundation organizes a special philanthropic event at the TopGolf in Scottsdale, AZ called ‘Swing Fore the Kids’. The Crain Family Foundation was founded by retired White Sox MLB pitcher Jesse Crain and his wife, Becky Crain. The foundation partnered with Kris and Maureen Newkirk, parents of a child cared for by our Clinic, Charlie Newkirk. Seeking the best care for their son living with a rare genetic disease called Glutaric Acidemia Type 1, Kris and Maureen traveled from Arizona to the Clinic for Special Children.

This event gathers over 80 professional athletes and coaches, community members, family and friends, children with rare genetic disorders and others throughout the nation who share a passion for raising awareness for rare diseases.

The night features opportunities to hit some golfballs with professional athletes & celebrities, bid on a variety of items at their silent auction, and enjoy great food & drinks in support of the Clinic for Special Children’s cause.

We’d like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone involved in putting on this great event, especially Jesse and Becky Crain, and Kris and Maureen Newkirk!