About Us & Our Mission

From our humble beginnings, we have provided a medical home for children and adults with rare genetic conditions.

For over 35 years, we have been steadfast in our mission of providing efficient and affordable healthcare to vulnerable individuals with genetic diseases. We work tirelessly to advance effective treatment of genetic illnesses that would otherwise cause great suffering, through the integration of genomic research and practical and affordable medical treatment.

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Our Staff & Board

We are a dedicated team of physicians, nurses, scientific researchers, administrative staff, and patient advocates working to provide comprehensive medical care, integrate science and clinical medicine, and share insights to improve the health of children and adults facing rare genetic disorders.

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Our Supporters & Collaborators

Our work would not be possible without the many who support us financially, as well as academic, medical, and business organizations who partner with us. Our collaborations help us provide affordable specialty care on-site at the Clinic, making services more accessible to families.

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Help us to continue to provide patients with timely, affordable and effective care!

Our clinic serves as a trusted medical home for families working to prevent and treat genetic illness in their children. Serving predominantly Amish and Mennonite families, the sturdy, timber-framed building was "raised" by the hands of those in the Anabaptist community outside of Strasburg, PA. Inside the clinic is filled with an array of high-tech gene sequencing that allows us to deliver state of the art care in a nurturing environment.

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