‘Clinic Seeks Solutions for Rare Gene Disorder’ by Lancaster Farming

Eugene and Jeanette Horning sat down with Lancaster Farming news to talk about their unique journey raising a special child living with a random gene deletion, only found in 15 other people worldwide at the time of her diagnosis. Olivia is missing a gene that facilitates the brain-muscle connection which requires her to process information in a different way. The Hornings sought advice and care from Clinic of Special Children.

“The clinic is always available to us,” Jeanette said. “It’s hard to explain with words. … On our first visit, Dr. Strauss had so much compassion. We felt like he was caring for our hearts. It felt like family.”

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Thank you to Dr. Katie B. Williams for her service to CSC

Dr. Katie Williams spent her last day at CSC on June 1st, traveling this week to continue her pediatric practice in her home state of Wisconsin. We would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Williams for her four years of invaluable service to the Clinic for Special Children through her devotion to the patients and families she’s served, her contributions to original scientific research and her passion for community education.

During her time with CSC, Dr. Williams collaborated with Dr. Devyani Chowdhury from Cardiology Care for Children to design and implement a globally recognized newborn wellness screening protocol. A speaker at Penn State University and PA Office of Rural Health’s 2018 Community and Public Health Conference, she was able to present this project and research to an audience of medical practitioners, professors, government and state representatives, non-profit executives, and students. She has contributed original research to two articles published in peer reviewed journals with three others in progress. Her work and interviews have been featured locally in Lancaster Newspaper, Ephrata Review, and Advertiser, nationally in Genome Magazine, and internationally through Gulf News Magazine out of Dubai.

Dr. Williams passionately involved herself in the education and empowerment of midwives across Pennsylvania. She worked with CSC’s Christine Hendrickson to organize three pulse-oximetry workshops for local midwives and hosted CME accredited midwife conferences at the Clinic. Through her care for Amish and Mennonite children living with rare genetic disease in Lancaster, Dr.Williams created lasting relationships with many families in the community and developed a deep respect and devotion to those she has served. She hopes to continue her care of children from the Plain community in her home state of Wisconsin. We wish her all of the best in her next endeavours.