Welcome to Three New Staff Members!

Candace Kendig

Candace Kendig joined CSC as a Medical Receptionist in 2017.  She earned her Associates Degree in Specialized Technology, majoring in Medical Assisting in 2006.  Prior to working at CSC, she had 10 years experience working as an Administrative Medical Assistant for a Specialty office located in Lancaster.

“I am passionate about working for the clinic because it is very rewarding knowing that every day our work positively impacts the children and family.”




KaLynn Loeven

KaLynn Loeven joined the Clinic for Special Children in 2017 as a Laboratory Technician.  She is responsible for performing genetic research through microarrays and development of new testing assays. KaLynn earned both a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry in 2009 and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology in 2010 from Saint Francis University in Loretto, PA.  Prior to joining the Clinic, she was employed as a senior chemist working in the method feasibility/development of pharmaceutical raw materials at Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories.

“The Clinic struck me as a unique opportunity to combine my skills in the laboratory with a motivation to serve.  As I learned more, I felt excited to become a part of a team which combines patient care and genetic research to     improve the quality of life for a vulnerable population.”

Ashlin Rodrigues, BS

Ashlin Rodrigues, BS, joined the Clinic for Special Children in 2017 as a Laboratory Technician. She is responsible for running several clinical assays including amino acid quantification by HPLC and DNA isolation from whole blood.  She also performs targeted mutation detection through Sanger sequencing and high resolution melting curve analysis. Ashlin earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Misericordia University in 2013. Prior to joining the Clinic, she worked at Rutgers University as a Senior Lab Technician performing microarray preparation and analysis. From there she took a position as a Cell Processing Specialist at Novartis Pharmaceuticals. At Novartis she assisted in the development of a CAR T-Cell immunotherapy used to treat pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

“The Clinic gives me the opportunity to see the impact my work has on patients first hand, which was something I was never able to experience in an industry setting. It is evident that everyone here is passionate about what they do and will go through great lengths to provide the best care to patients. I’m excited to serve alongside the talented clinic staff and to directly see the importance of my work everyday.”