Hypotonia and Failure to Thrive in an 8-month-old Infant

An 8-month-old unimmunized boy presents to the emergency department with 10 days of progressive weakness. He has become limp and too weak to roll over or hold his bottle, and he is disinterested in feeding and has lost weight. His parents have been administering him sips of a reconstituted sports drink. On review of systems, he has no rashes, vomiting, dyspnea, or seizures. He had common cold–like symptoms 2 weeks earlier that spontaneously resolved. His medical history reveals a normal perinatal course. At age 1 month he was transitioned from breastfeeding to a homemade preparation of cow milk fortified with cod-liver oil, butter oil, molasses, beef gelatin, honey, and vitamin D. Parents report use of enemas to relieve the constipation that he has had for several months. He has had no primary care visits.