Happy 28th Anniversary, CSC!

Happy 28th Anniversary, CSC! 28 years ago, the Clinic for Special Children opened its doors for the first time to care for children suffering from rare genetic diseases in Lancaster County. Fast forward to 2017, and the Clinic is now a world leader in personalized genomic medicine. Our staff of 15 dedicated individuals treats more than 1,200 patients from 40 states and 17 countries, diagnoses and manages over 175 genetic disorders, and collaborates with a thriving community of local practitioners, scientists, hospital systems, academic centers, and private industry. Through these partnerships, we have integrated subspecialty medical care, such as cardiology, audiology, and ophthalmology, into our medical service so patients have direct access to advanced clinicians and unparalleled coordinated care. Thank you to our dedicated supporters and our wonderful community for many years of helping us to advance our mission of creating a medical home for children living with genetic disorders. We look forward to serving for many more! Click here for CSC’s 28-year history