A New Research Operations Department at the Clinic for Special Children

Patient focused research has always been an important component of CSC’s mission.  We strive to translate research and medical knowledge into practical benefit for the patient families we serve.  In order to better support our research programs, we have some exciting staff changes to announce.  A Research Operations team has been established to manage and organize ongoing and future research.  Karlla Brigatti, MS, LCGC has been appointed the Research Operations Director and will lead the team.  Karlla will also join the leadership team of the Clinic.  Millie Young, RN has been appointed the Research Nurse and will work with Karlla and the rest of the CSC team to achieve research goals.  Keturah Beiler, RN has moved from a part-time nurse to a full-time nurse and will be providing clinical support to Dr. Strauss.  We hope these changes will further advance our mission of serving children and adults who suffer from genetic and other complex disorders!