“Sweet Odyssey”: The Santos family’s inspiring journey from a rare disease diagnosis to the cure

A CSC patient family, Idario Santos and son Vinicius were recently interviewed by KDKA out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania about their inspiring book, Sweet Odyssey, in which they tell the story of Artur Santos’s (son to Idario and brother to Vinicius) incredible journey living with Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD). Their book walks the reader through Artur’s diagnosis with MSUD, the Santos family’s partnership with the Clinic for Special Children, Artur’s liver transplant surgery that saved two lives, and his eventual cure from this previously incurable rare genetic disease. This book serves as a testament to the amazing results that are being achieved every day due to recent medical advances made in the treatment of rare genetic disease and reinforces the specialized role CSC plays in genetic disease management, serving patients across the whole world.

50% of the proceeds from “Sweet Odyssey” will be donated to the Clinic for Special Children.

“Sweet Odyssey” is available for purchase in Portuguese and English.

Learn more about their book here: http://www.sweetodyssey.net/

Watch the interview here: