2012 Summer Students at CSC

As part of our ongoing effort to train future scientists and clinicians, the Clinic is hosting a full house of summer students!

From Dr. Puffenberger: “We are grateful to have so many talented, young minds at the Clinic this summer, and we all feel that the investment in such talent is vital to our mission and success.”

Maggie Steinmann—University of California, Davis, Biology
Maggie is studying Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH), a condition found in the Amish community as well as the general population.

Alison Greidinger—2012 Eyler Fellow, Franklin & Marshall College, Biology
Alison is working with Dr. Morton on Proprionic Acidemia research, a particularly complicated condition that the Clinic has studied for several years.

Kiri Sunde—2012 Mary Ellen Avery Fellow
Kiri is spending a full year at the Clinic as our very first Avery Fellow, working to complete a handbook for GA1 parents and also new methods of molecular screening.

Orla Houlihan—Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, trainee
Orla discovered the Clinic during a pulmonary rotation at CHOP and decided to extend her stay in the United States for two additional weeks in order to shadow our doctors. Orla is an Irish physician in training with a particular interest in pediatric genetics.

Becky Willert—2012 Franklin & Marshall graduate in Biology
Becky is spending a full year at the clinic on a novel method of newborn screening for Muscular Dystrophy.

Theresa Swenson, PhD—Elizabethtown High School Teacher
Though not a traditional student, Theresa volunteers her time and expertise to help develop a diagnostic method for GM3 concentrations, a crucial measurement for the fight against GM3 deficiency.